• Tarifa Kite Hostel

Who we are

Tarifa Kite Hostel is a new Hostel in Tarifa ideal for people who enjoy the beach and sport. It is ideal for kiters, friends and backpackers. We work with several companies in the city, in order to get our customers the best prices for activities: kite surfing, surfing, diving, windsurfing, snorkeling, hiking, whale watching and trips to Morocco.

Our building is white with nice red letters.

Located in southern Spain, in the town of Tarifa with long pristine beaches; It is an amazing place to enjoy the beach, sports, and the sunsets.

Tarifa Kite Hostel is a new luxury Hostel near city center (1 minute walk) and the beach (5 minute walk).

The rooms are spacious and comfortable, beds are new and each client has its own individual security cabinet. You can use the kitchen which is fully equipped, socialize in the lounge, connect to the Wi-Fi and get warm  in the fireplace when it’s a cold day, enjoy your time in the garden and relax in the Chill Out area. The sunsets are great from the top roof.