Kites at Golden hour

Hi everyone!

What a summer we have spent!!
We have never experienced a summer as strange as this. Quite a challenge with this pandemic. But of course we have found the solution, hahaha!
We spent the whole day kiteboarding in the ocean. Could we have had a better summer? I do not think so friends!
More things, this summer is called here in Tarifa «healthy summer»
Cádiz is in fashion! Some people complain about crowds on the beaches, but empty ones can still be found along the shore at Punta Paloma (Valdevaqueros) or in the south of Bolonia. anyway for kite lovers: THE SEA IS IMMENSE !!

well … Tarifa Kite Hostel family are waiting for next week ´s LEVANTE so, prepare your gears and see you on the beach.


Tarifa Kite Hostel.

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