Whale Watching

TURMARES RATE S.L. is a company created in late 1999 by a group of Tarifean, sea professionals with a deep knowledge of the Strait of Gibraltar. The principal activity is the maritime tourism and, in particular, the activity of whale and Dolphin watching in the Straits of Gibraltar.

Sightings of resident species (common dolphin, striped dolphin, bottlenose dolphin and pilot whale) are possible throughout the season, however those semirresidentes or migratory species are observed at certain times in which they are common in the area.

The sperm whale is sighted mainly during May, June and July. Already during the first half of August sightings of this species they begin to be quite casual, and consider absent during the second half of August and first of September to be sighted again in the autunm.

The orca sightings conducted from mid-July and about halfway August

Finally, most sightings of fin whales conducted during the months of May and June.

All passengers are willing Compulsory Insurance Travelers (SOV) as established by RD1575 of December 22, 1989.


Prices (10% VAT included)July and August (10% VAT included)
Kids till 3 years5,00 €
Kids from 4 till 14 years20,00 €22,00 €
Adults30,00 €35,00 €


Groups between 6 and 19 passengers5%
Groups of more than 20 passengers10%


12:00h and 17:00h


2 hours

Recommended Attire:

Sunscreen, hat, coat and comfortable shoes. If you want to prevent motion sickness you can take some medicine half an hour before boarding.

Booking Reservations

When making your reservation, please indicate the dates for the course. We will confirm your reservation by e-mail. Once you arrive to the Hostel; The Guest will have to make a deposit of a 20%.