Scuba diving

We dive every day on the island of Las Palomas, located in the Natural Park of the Strait.
Because at this point the confluence of the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, enjoy a unique diving in the world.
Wildlife of both seas, conger, moray eels, sunfish, barracudas, gorgonians, red coral, kelp, etc etc. In addition to pelagic animals that take advantage of the shelter that gives the island the small fish to come to feed on them.


We offer the possibility of courses at any level, recreational and professional. With any course enjoy free rental of all diving equipment for a year. If you have never snorkeled, we also Baptisms diving which allows you with a few theoretical notions make a dive up to twelve meters accompanied by your instructor resulting in an unforgettable experience.
Due to the geographical importance of the strait, we have several wrecks that can be visited and underwater archaeological remains from the time of the Phoenicians.

Dive Trip Full Equipment
One Dive50,00 €
Two Dives95,00 €
With your Own Equipment
One Dive35,00 €
Two Dives65,00 €
Try Scuba
95,00 €
Course Open Water Diver425,00 €
Course Advanced Adventurer325,00 €
Course Stress and Rescue345,00 €
Course Dive Master and Dive Guideask price

Reservation condicions

When making your reservation, please indicate the dates for the course. We will confirm your reservation by e-mail. Once you arrive to the Hostel; The Guest will have to make a deposit of a 30%.

Important information

Remember that all of our monitors will decide on the fly what is your level and what steps can always seeking student safety and all those who enjoy the beach.

** If weather conditions are not favorable for the course, he or the hours that remain outstanding will be postponed until new dates agreed between client and school.

** If excessive wind or waves or conditions of the sea it’s time to go home, you can choose to postpone the hours of outstanding class when you want to return and continue with your learning or if you prefer, refund the amount of hours that you could not enjoy.

** Reservations subject to availability.